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Wedding collection - Pampas B

Wedding collection

Looking for an Aisle Runner, Centerpiece, or Statement piece for your wedding? Our Wedding Collection is a few of our best selling pieces specifically designed for your big day. The best part? You can use it in your home after the wedding!

Rental options available!! Contact us for details.

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Classic circle-Arrangement-Pampas B

Classic circle

From $20.00 $19.00
Fluffy Cloud Pampas Stem-Stem-Pampas B

Fluffy Cloud Pampas Stem

$16.00 $10.00
The glams-Pampas B

The glams

$22.00 $16.00
XL Fluffy White Pampas Stem (1)-Stem-Pampas B

XL Fluffy White Pampas Stem (1)

$14.00 $9.00
Fluffy Circle Tan Small-Pampas B

Fluffy Circle Tan Small

From $22.00 $16.00
Gold Mini Palm-Dried Flowers-Pampas B

Gold Mini Palm

Black Bunny Tails-dried floral-Pampas B

Black Bunny Tails

Light pink bunny tails-Dried Flowers-Pampas B

Light pink bunny tails

Circle Small Clear Vase-mini crafting vase-Pampas B

Circle Small Clear Vase

Rustic fall bunny-Pampas B

Rustic fall bunny

Black Matte Black Bunny-bunnies-Pampas B

Black Matte Black Bunny

$21.00 $15.00
4 ft Faux Black Pampas Stem-Pampas B

4 ft Faux Black Pampas Stem

$12.00 $8.00
Square body small pampas arrangement-Pampas B

Square body small pampas arrangement

$24.00 $20.00
Small Rustic Pampas Grass stem-Stem-Pampas B

Small Rustic Pampas Grass stem

Shimmer Mini-Pampas B

Shimmer Mini

White Bunny Circle Small-Pampas B

White Bunny Circle Small

From $20.00
Bleach white preserved ruscus-dried florals-Pampas B

Bleach white preserved ruscus

Matte Black Circle Small Vase-Vase-Pampas B

Matte Black Circle Small Vase

Fluffy Small Arrangement-Arrangement-Pampas B

Fluffy Small Arrangement

Boho Wicker Small-Pampas B

Boho Wicker Small

Affordable Mini trio(3) perfect for centerpieces-wedding-Pampas B

Affordable Mini trio(3) perfect for centerpieces

Naturals bundle-Pampas B

Naturals bundle

Pastel Faux Pink Pampas Stem-Pampas B

Pastel Faux Pink Pampas Stem

Neutrals Bundle (4)-Pampas B

Neutrals Bundle (4)

Affordable Simple and Sweet Bundle (3)-centerpiece-Pampas B

Affordable Simple and Sweet Bundle (3)

Summer Small Arrangement-Pampas B

Summer Small Arrangement

Rustic Glam Wood Vase by Pampas B-Vases-Pampas B

Rustic Glam Wood Vase by Pampas B

$60.00 $35.00
Starflower Circle Mini-Pampas B

Starflower Circle Mini

White Mixed Small Arrangement-Pampas B

White Mixed Small Arrangement

Slender Mini-Pampas B

Slender Mini

Girly Stem Bundle (6)-Pampas B

Girly Stem Bundle (6)

$80.00 $60.00
Textured Angel Arrangement-Arrangement-Pampas B

Textured Angel Arrangement

$125.00 $70.00
Classic Aisle Runner-Pampas B

Classic Aisle Runner

$90.00 $75.00
Boho Mix Small Arrangement-Pampas B

Boho Mix Small Arrangement

Spring Bunny Mini-Decor-Pampas B

Spring Bunny Mini

Bubble arrangement-Arrangement-Pampas B

Bubble arrangement

Rustic Palm Mix Centerpiece-centerpiece-Pampas B

Rustic Palm Mix Centerpiece

Wedding Aisle Runner Vintage White-Pampas B

Wedding Aisle Runner Vintage White

DIY Boho bride centerpiece kit-Pampas B

DIY Boho bride centerpiece kit

Black and Blue Matte Mini-Pampas B

Black and Blue Matte Mini

Pampas B Exclusive Bottleneck Wood Tabletop Vase-Vases-Pampas B

Pampas B Exclusive Bottleneck Wood Tabletop Vase

$25.00 $20.00
Faux Vanilla Stem-Pampas B

Faux Vanilla Stem

$12.00 $8.00
Faux Dark Caramel Pampas Stem-Pampas B

Faux Dark Caramel Pampas Stem

$12.00 $8.00
Pink Lady Arrangment Small-Pampas B

Pink Lady Arrangment Small

DIY Wheat Pampas Natural Bunny Kit-centerpiece-Pampas B

DIY Wheat Pampas Natural Bunny Kit

Circle B Black Bunny-mini-Pampas B

Circle B Black Bunny

Fall Black Fluffy Bunny Small-Pampas B

Fall Black Fluffy Bunny Small